NAR Heretics are Offering a ‘Prophetic Master’s Class”

If you want to hand $350 and 6 weeks of your life over to Satan, a compendium of NAR ‘prophets’ and ‘apostles’ are offering ‘ a powerful prophetic mentorship’ under the ‘Masterclass” moniker.

Billed as a ‘Prophetic Master’s Class’, it features Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, James Goll, David Wagner, and a bunch of other alleged mouthpieces from the Lord Almighty that we’ve never heard of before.

It is advertised that the “life-changing class that will empower you to live in the prophetic to learn to hear and release the voice of God on the earth today!”

The event is hosted by Georgian & Winnie Banov, a husband and wife ‘pastors’ team who “hold a special anointing for the release of creative miracles including supernatural blessings for finances, land and houses.”

The website informs that “ecstatic, heavenly Bliss exudes from their powerful teaching, and the intimate worship they steward ushers in an anointing for open heaven atmospheres. They deliver life-changing revelations and prophetic insights from the Word of God. “

The event, which will teach how to “experience the prophetic in joy,  grace, and good news—free from condemnation, harsh religion, and the doom and gloom with which so many struggles” takes place through an online Facebook page two hours a day, two days a week.

We would advise anyone not to take lessons on how to be a prophet and apostle from men and women whom should be thankful that for but the grace of God they live now and not 2800 years ago, when they would have surely been stoned and their brains rightly dashed upon the rocks for all the false prophecies they give.