L.A. Pride is Teaming up with Black Lives Matter To Have Their Parade After all

While the nation ground to a halt and pretty much every public gathering was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the recent protests have brought on a complete disregard for social distancing, so much that Los Angels Pride organizers who had previously announced that the parade and festival would be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, are bringing Pride back to the streets after all.

L.A Pride will see LGBTQQIP2SAA people and their allies joining Black Lives Matter to March June 14 through the streets, tracing the same routes as the Stonewall Riots 50 years ago to protest police brutality.

Estevan Montemayor, the organization’s president, told the Los Angeles Times.

“In 1970, we gathered on Hollywood Boulevard to protest police brutality and oppression to our community…we will do that again this year, where it began, in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.”

When pressed about the fact they initially canceled the parade due to the pandemic and why they were having it now, Montemayor was unapologetic.

“We have been told that it is safer at home — and that is absolutely true; it is safer at home during this health pandemic — and that unless it is absolutely necessary you should not leave your home. But as we reflect on what is occurring, I think it is very fair to say that it is absolutely necessary that we leave our homes and speak loudly and clearly about this injustice and peacefully protest.”

Expect to see quite the spectacle in a week’s time.

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