‘It Just Isn’t Cool’ Says Pat Robertson as he Condemns Trump For Law & Order Comments

Controversial Televangelist Pat Robertson wagged his finger at President Donald Trump on Tuesday, scolding him over his threat to control civil unrest by sending the U.S. military into American cities.

President Trump made the remarks during a press conference the day before, prefacing his comments with “My first and highest duty as president is to defend our great country and the American people. I swore an oath to upload the laws of our nation and that is exactly what I will do. ‘

In response to Trump’s comments, which were featured in part on a segment on ‘700 Club” TV Show dedicated to the current protest and riots facing the Nation, a troubled Robertson stated:

“You know, there’s a purpose to everything under heaven, you read in the Bible, and there’s a time. And I think like now is the time to say, ’I understand your pain, I want to comfort you, I think it’s time we love each other.

But the president took a different course. He said ‘I am the President of law and order’, and he issued a heads up. He said ‘I am ready to send in military groups if the nation’s governors don’t act to quell the violence that has rocked American cities’. As a matter of fact he spoke of them as being ‘jerks’. You just don’t do that Mr. Pesident. It just isn’t cool”

Robertson has publicly praised Trump in the past, but has been more critical as of late, recently declaring that the president’s decision to pull support from Kurds in Syria in late 2019 put Trump “in danger of losing the mandate of heaven.”