Woke Christian Activist: ‘You Can’t be Pro-Life and Refuse to Wear a Mask’

The woke crowd has given us a new twist on the old trope “you can’t be pro-life unless….” We’ve seen most of them before: “You can’t be pro-life unless you’re against the death penalty, support black lives matter, fight for prison reform, , believe in socialized healthcare, believe in women’s rights, are a feminist, or want to abolish Roe. v Wade (yes, really.) You can’t be pro-life unless you believe in social justice, believe in racial justice, support reparations, support the #metoo movement, fight racism, and a host of other gatekeeping progressive curiosities.

This particular one comes from Ekimini Uwan, and was retweeted and liked by over a couple thousand people including Jemar Tisby and the Truth Table podcast.

What’s ironic is that these parties could scarcely themselves to be called pro-life. (And really, you shouldn’t really even be “pro-life,” the majority who are wishy-washy and don’t have a biblical view of human life and what it means to be made in the image of God, and more often than not are the enemy of people wanting to actually stop abortion completely. Rather you should be an abortion abolitionist- someone who actually wants to abolish abortion in all it’s forms.)

Ekimini Uwan is a ‘public theologian’ and co-hosts a Christian podcast with Michelle Higgins, a supposedly Christian leader that is openly pro-choice. Ekimini has been published in several well-known publications and Christianity Today recently named her as one of the top new or lesser known female theologians worth knowing.

A self-identifying Democrat and supporter of Black Lives Matter, she likewise does NOT want to abolish Roe v. Wade and make abortion illegal. She is quoted in the New Yorker as saying that she agrees with progressive Jonathan Merritt that she would not pull a lever and overturn that infamous court ruling.

“I’m not pro-repealing Roe v. Wade,”… As law of the land, the landmark decision should stand…. “Let’s move forward. Let’s not go back and fight wars we’ve already lost.”

If you can look at a law that allows for the butchery and murder of a million babies a year in the United States, and declare that you wouldn’t want to overturn that and make abortion illegal, I don’t see how that can make you anything but pro-choice, whether you would welcome the label or not.

Wearing or not wearing a mask has nothing to do with whether one is “pro-life’ or not. Not wanting laws that allow for the continued killing of nearly 100,000 babies a month, does.

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