MS Church that Refused to Shut Down Amid Pandemic Set On Fire by Arsonists

A Pentecostal church in Holly Springs, Mississipi that was refusing to shut down amid the pandemic and continuing to have services has burned down in an apparent act of arson.

A call came into the police around 2:30am Wednesday morning that First Pentecostal Church was ablaze. Firefighters arrived on the scene but the whole structure was lost.

At the scene of the fire, police found that someone had spraypainted on the pavement the words “I Bet you stay home no you hypokrits.”

The fire took place a couple of weeks after the pastor, Jerry Waldrop, filed a suit against the city of Holly Springs, due to several police officers crashing the churches bible study and easter service several days previous, video which can be seen below, as well as protesting the unjust shelter-in-place laws in the state that is preventing the church from meeting.

There were several members of the community upset and outraged that the church never stopped services, but Pastor Waldrop says he has no idea who did it.