Update on Ravi Zacharias Health: The End is Nigh

“Only our Lord knows how much time Ravi-ji has, but it appears the time for him to be with the Lord he loved to serve is drawing near.” said Michael Ramsden, RZIM President, in a recent Facebook post.

Ramsden has been providing the bulk of updates on the health status of renowned Christian apologist and minister Ravi Zacharias, who announced in March that he was battling a rare form of bone cancer, and now is in the end stages.

In a video update, posted below, Ramsden updates on how Zacharias is doing physically and also describes all the support for Zacharias that has poured in, and how it is being a balm to their souls.

“He continues to remain at home where he’s surrounded by close family, children, grandchildren of course, his wife Margie, all of whom have expressed such gratitude and thanks to you for all the messages that you’ve sent, and for all the encouragement that you’ve sought to impart. Very often at times in the night or during the day, they actually read those messages out to him and he receives them with joy.”

Even though he’s now struggling to speak, he may either just simply smile or nod in acknowledgement and also in gratitude that you’re staying in touch with him during a time such as this, and that you’ll also continue to pray for him, for the family, and also for RZIM.

Please do continue in prayer, please do continue to bring everyone around him who is close, also prayer for them as well. As you can imagine, we have so many mixed emotions at this time, but there is an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the way in which you continue to stand with us, continue to support us, continue to pray for us, and continue to encourage us. Thank you so much. “

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