70+ Healing Ministries Unite for Online Conference after In-Person Gathering Canceled due to COVID-19 Fears

The International Association of Healing Ministries cancelled their massive conference that was to take place in Porta, Portugal this year, and instead will be having an online conference instead due to being constrained by the coronavirus. We reached out and asked the logical question of why not just have the event and heal everyone, given there are so many healing ministries represented doing supposed legitimate miracles, rather than preaching and teaching about God’s healing and deliverance while being isolated at home. We did not hear back at the time of publishing.

The now online Presence 2020 conference will feature over 70 charismatic healing ministries from all across the globe, including Bill Johnson, Benny Hinn, Heidi Baker, Todd White, Kenneth Copeland, newly minted faith healer Francis Chan, as well as at least one Roman Catholic Priest. Worship will be performed by Martin Smith of Delirious? fame, along with Bethel Music and the whole event will take place May 20-23, 2020. From the conference page:

“What the world is facing right now coming directly from the devil bringing chaos and disasters globally including by killing tens of thousands of people. This is our time as the body of Christ to arise and shine!

In a few days, we’ve invited key healing ministries from around the world to join this special event to take our promised land and have a major breakthrough for a great healing revival. Together in unity we want to share to this generation the Gospel of Jesus who still saves, delivers and heals including from any kind of viruses!”

The conference will feature a smorgasbord of healing ‘experiences’ including 12 hours of live stream healing rallies, teaching and revelation from the speakers, a healing time talk show, healing songs, live miracle and healing services, online healing rooms, and a ” Live Holy Spirit Night with global impartation for healing “

Editors note. We’re going to call our shot and say not a single person will be healed by God, as this is about as corrupt of a ragtag bunch of wolves that you can get. When the gospel is not properly preached, and where heresy abounds, no legitimate sign and wonders will come forth, except perhaps those of judgement from the Lord against them.