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‘God’ Flexes On Televangelist Jesse Duplantis by ‘Giving’ him Private Jet

Last Friday, arch-heretic Jesse Duplantis was the featured (and only) guest at a Don’t limit God conference, a live-streamed event put on by “name-it-and-claim-it” word-faith preacher Andrew Wommack.

The topics were wide-ranging as the two ultra-wealthy fleecers of the flock meandered through a 4-hour conversation that always tied back in some way to prosperity and the accumulation of filthy lucre, getting on the topic of the brand new Falcon7x private jet that Duplantis purchased for $54,000,000 in 2018.

Giving us a bit of an insider look at the conversation that he was supposedly having with God at the time, Duplantis revealed the things that God was saying to him, and he to God, as the Lord basically double-dog dared Duplantis to accept and receive the private jetplane.

Here is is the transcript. It’s exactly what you would expect.

(Duplantis) Well, I was so shocked. I’m on the plane, and the Lord said, “Do you like your plane?” I said, “Oh yeah, Lord!”

He said, “So you really like it?” I said, “Yes!”

He said, “So that’s all I can do?” And I went, “What?” He said, “So that’s all I can do?” I said, “Are you asking me to ask You for another plane?” He said, “No, I’m asking you to answer the question. Is this all I can do?” I said, “Well, no.”

See, that was taking the limits of me. You see, you’ve gotta understand something about people: Sometimes, when you have the car, the clothes, the shoes…I don’t know… the jewellery… I don’t know…..whatever you think wealth is, you begin to get on cruise control. You’re moving, but no longer by your power. You see what I’m saying? And you can get in a real quick accident on cruise control. And He told me to believe for this other plane.

He said, “I want you to believe for that plane.”

And I didn’t think anybody would get mad at me about that, because I was totally, completely satisfied with what I had!”

(Wommack) “It’s not that you’re lusting for something. You’re obeying God!”

“Just obey! And then I realized I had limited God because he had met – oh this is gonna make somebody mad – I had limited God because he had met all my need. But He had, see, He wanted to do some more. And now this other aircraft, I mean, can do more, can take you further

… What I did was, I said, “Lord, you blessed me.” But you know what? I had limited God because I don’t need another plane.

And He said, “This is not about need. Did I say anything about need?”

I said, “No, Lord.” And I realized I had made a mistake. It’s like you had that revelation ‘I’m limiting God’ So I said, “Well, you know people are going get mad at me” He said, “Well, they got mad at Me!”

I said, “Okay, I got it!” And so I said, “The hits just keep on a coming. Let ’em say what they’re gonna say.”

(Wommack): See, this is part of this vision thing. You don’t ever get to a place where you’re complacent. You have to constantly be stretching yourself and man…if you reach a certain level, God is gonna give you another thing. You’re never gonna exhaust God’s power.”

Duplantis has been playing this game for a long time and has become incredibly wealthy by it, years ago building a 25-room, 35,000 square foot “parsonage.” It should also come as no surprise that the defender-of-everyone-not-named-Todd-Bently, Dr. Michael Brown, has defended Duplantis accumulation of wealth and excesses.

Commenting on his Line of Fire show after the story broke of Duplantis buying the nearly $60,000,000 plane, Brown defended the purchase, saying “It may be, in some cases, very frugal, wise, constructive excellent stewardship for a ministry to have a private jet and later…In the end, if God told Jesse to believe Him for a $54 million jet, and if the Lord gives him that jet in response to his faith, so be it.”