Scholarly Refutation: Rosaria Butterfield Rebutted In New Book

Rosaria Butterfield’s The Gospel Comes With A House Key: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World, an account which uses her own conversion story of radical lesbian to Christian housewife as a backdrop for telling how Christians can use “radical, ordinary hospitalityā€¯ to bring the Gospel to lost friends and neighbors, has come under criticism by another book serving to offer a critical and scholarly refutation to the methods and theology being promoted.

Written by Hiram R. Diaz III and published in February of 2020, The 53 page The Gospel Comes With A House Key – A Critical Review: Unveiling Its Postmodern Philosophy and Feminist Theology intends to be a “careful, sustained, and detailed analysis of Butterfield’s book, and warns Christians that “The Gospel Comes With a House Key” is neither helpful nor neutral but, in reality, a means whereby pro-LGBTQ “Christianity” can weaken the walls of sound doctrine and pave the way for more radical, “inclusive” theologies of sexuality.

From the publication page, the book is introduced as follows: “The Christian church is facing many opponents to its historical teachings on sexuality in the world and within its own walls. Because of this, many have sought out the help of Christians who testify to having been saved out of the LGBTQ lifestyle. Among those whose counsel is being diligently sought and extolled is Dr. Rosaria Butterfield. Given her former life as a Lesbian, leftist, postmodern academic, Butterfield seems to offer helpful insight into LGBTQ matters, as well as present Christians with helpful advice they can implement in evangelistic encounters and relationships.

However, a critical analysis of her book and some of her related writings demonstrates rather clearly that Butterfield’s doctrine of hospitality is her deeply rooted postmodern philosophical and feminist-theological beliefs, all of which stand in contradiction to the clear teachings of Scripture.”

The book is being offered on Amazon for as little as 3.74$ for the kindle book. We encourage you to check it out and leave a review.

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