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WHO Says To Teach Toddlers About Sexually Pleasing Themselves

The World Health Organization of the United Nations, which so badly botched their handling of the coronavirus pandemic, recently had its funding halted by President Donald J. Trump. If their cover-up of Chinese complicity in the spread of COVID-19 wasn’t enough reason to stop U.S. funding of the organization, it’s now been revealed that their official health recommendations for children under four-year-old is to teach them to masturbate and fixate on their preferred ‘gender identity.’

WHO’s recommendations in the guide called ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe: A Framework for Policymakers, Educational and Health Authorities and Specialists says that infants and toddlers should learn to sexually please themselves.

Additionally, the guide says that children under 4 should ‘gain awareness of gender identity’ and kids 4-6 should be told about homosexuality and taught to respect “different gender norms” (see below).

It is right that President Trump withhold funding from this pedophile-supporting organization that seeks to manipulate and exploit innocent children.