Why Is Revoice’s Nate Collins Liking Gay Art?

Nate Collins, co-founder of the pro-LGBTQ ‘Christian’ Revoice Conference – endorsed by Southern Baptist leaders with the ERLC and certain members of the PCA –  has done another thing that makes people question what exactly his game is.

In a recent Twitter post, burgeoning artists Kirk Raynor drew a picture of himself being cuddled on a couch by another man. Raynor is openly gay and routinely tweets about how attractive and “hot” other men are.

Normally that wouldn’t be too shocking to see- just another line item in a long list of things people do to sin against a most holy God and incur his just wrath unto damnation- but what caught our eyes is that it had an unusual little heart next to it, and that it was liked by Nate Collins.

We understand the notion of “retweets are not endorsements.” Of course. Fair enough. People retweet things all the time that they find interesting or want to draw attention to and that’s all well and good. But we can’t think of a good reason why a Christian leader would feel the need to ‘like’ a picture that affirms and normalizes homosexuality as a virtuous and loving thing. We get the nuances of the different motives for retweeting something, but liking gay artwork? What the what?

Would love some theories on that one.

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