Richest Pastor In The World Credits His ‘Partners’ For Luxurious Private Jet

Kenneth Copeland

You like my pretty suit? You should, you bought it! [Editors note. Insert maniacal laughter here.]. Well, which is more important, the one who wore the suit or the one who paid for it? Are you listening to me? I know you are. Praise God. Those of you CXT members that got involved with the new interior on the Gulf Stream 5, they’re doing the extended test flight on it today. It will be in Fort Worth tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. And you know what they said? Now this man works on Gulf Streams all the time. He puts interiors in Gulf Streams all the time. And he told Dwayne our chief pilot…”I think this is probably the finest G5 in the world”. The things that you..hunh who? You? No….’partners’…did on this airplane. Finest in the world. Hallelujah

Kenneth Copeland, universally regarded as the richest “pastor” in the world has an estimated networth between 300 and 750 million dollars, though he himself claimed to be a billionaire back in 2008 . The Gulfstream he is referring to is the one he purchased for $20 million.

The Elite CX Team members he mentioned- his partners- are a “special team of believers dedicated to standing for and sowing into special projects as the Lord leads.” This was mission 3 that they completed. For those who are curious, mission 2 was upgrading his vast video production facility and gear from VHS to high definition, and mission 1 was acquiring a Citation X airplane.

H/T to RWW for the story.

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