Minnesota College Holding Graduation Ceremonies for ‘Students of Color’ and ‘LGBTQ’ Only

Lutheran Minnesota college, St. Olaf College, has canceled graduation ceremonies for the “general” student population due to COVID-19. “Students of Color” and “LGBTQ” are the only students that will be given a graduation ceremony.

The Lutheran school is holding three virtual graduation ceremonies in May for “self-identified domestic students of color, international students and LGBTQIA+ students” while the rest of the student population’s graduation will be “rescheduled for a date in late May/early June of 2021.”

The announcement of the special graduations for minorities was announced via email from the school’s Taylor Center For Equity and Inclusion.

The email states:

“This event acknowledges the value and uniqueness of students’ experience and serves to commemorate and highlight the accomplishments of individuals within their familial and cultural context.”

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