Todd Bentley Is Gearing Up To Re-enter The Ministry

The only monstrously disqualified heretic that Dr. Michael Brown has ever called out, Todd Bentley, is gearing up to re-enter the ministry in the very near future. We’re not claiming supernatural insight or prophecy by any means, but we put his boot-through-the-door re-entry into the NAR wonderland at less than a month’s time.

We’ve written extensively about Todd, chronicling his malfeasance from lauded anointed revivalist and miracle worker, to drunkard, adulterer, liar, and sheep-fleecer extraordinaire, all the while being lifted up by a cadre of ne’er-do-well’s as a great, supernaturally gifted man of God.

For several months he laid low after news of his indiscretions came, focusing on his beard care business and dropping the random prophetic word of God into his feed, while working with a panel of charismatic leaders to review the list of accusations against him. The process wasn’t going well, Todd bailed on the panel and called them all bad actors, and they declared him unfit for ministry while still declaring he was supernaturally gifted by God.

For several more months he was more or less inactive in a visible way, but now, after he has slumbered, he’s poised to come back and into the greater glory, with hints from his Facebook page to reveal he’s on to something big.

We know Todd. He’s had his revelation and he’s raring to go as soon as he lines up all his ministry partners, of which there are still many. We expect he’ll announce that he’s been fully restored any time soon, and we’ll notch one on our belt once he does.

We can’t wait.

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