Charismatics Unveil New Form Of Worship: Muscle Ministry

A previously unknown and unseen form of worship was recently unveiled at a charismatic church for the first time Sunday morning.

This startling display of fresh revelation that definitely doesn’t go against the Regulative Principle of Worship occurred when a muscular man in a tank top took the stage during the church service and started to “flex in the spirit,” performing a series of bodybuilder poses during the praise and worship time.

Showing off his muscular frame and blessed triceps, this apostolic pioneer who has yet to be identified performed a circuit of sanctified struts, bicep baptisms and prayerful poses that some have taken to calling “Samson’s delight.”

We don’t expect the devil will be kicking sand in his face anytime soon.

Expect this wonderful new impartation of fresh oil to be lauded in Charisma Magazine, and to soon be coming to a Bethel Church near you.

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