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Church Members Taken Into Police Custody And Interrogated On Easter Morning

Members of Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, China were taken into custody and interrogated after being raided by the Police early Easter morning.

Early Rain is considered one of China’s largest underground churches that have not yet registered with the state. This is because of China’s communist party requires that only state-sanctioned and governmental-approved churches may gather for worship- regulating the services and what may or may not be taught.

The church gained greater prominence last year when their Pastor Wang Yi was taken into custody and sentenced to nine years in prison for “‘inciting to subvert state power’ and ‘illegal business operations’. I.e. He was preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sadly this church is no stranger to persecution and hardships, with members routinely caught up in raids, arrested and even tortured for their faith.

Pray for the persecuted, faithful churches in China