SBC Megachurch Having Online “Good Friday Communion” With Juice Boxes and Goldfish

Some suggestions for possible communion elements

Fellowship Church, the 25,000 member SBC Megachurch helmed by Ed Young Jr, is advertising something different for their Easter service this year. According to Pastor Ed.

This Easter at Fellowship Church we’re talking about a subject that’s so timely, that’s so needed during this hour. I’m beginning a series on…creativity!

I want to tell you why the gospel of Jesus Christ is one of the most creative acts in the history of the world and how WE can walk in creativity like we’ve never seen before.

While a sermon on “walking in creativity” on Easter Sunday sounds like one of the more distasteful things we can think of, it was their advertisement for their communion plans that caught our attention.

The church is having an online, virtual communion where they are encouraging viewers to “gather whatever elements you have” irrespective of the “specifics.” In the picture, we see toast, tortilla chips, juice boxes, cheddar goldfish, and orange juice.

Given the thousands of congregants that will be celebrating online, it’s not difficult to imagine what sorts of foodstuffs people may bring to their virtual table when the specifics can be damned.

Oreo cookies? Pizza slices? Ketchup chips? Chocolate milk? Veggie smoothies? All fair substitutes for the bread and the wine, the body and the blood of Jesus we’re sure.

The fact is that, as we have written before, even if the church did clarify that their congregants must use bread and wine, or at the very least grape juice and not whatever sugary concoction they dug out fo their snack drawer, you can’t observe the lord’s supper over the internet.

It would be far preferable and not so blasphemously unbiblical to have no communion at all than to have it virtually and “online” with juice boxes and goldfish, even if that is a very creative thing to do.