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Chuck Pierce To Have “Car Anointing Fire Tunnel” Service

While most people would not want their car and “fire” to have anything to do together, lest their insurance company sends their deductibles through the roof, Chuck Pierce, universally venerated charismatic prophet and the one that Dr. Michael Brown has thrown down the gauntlet and has made a wolfish-wager over the legitimacy of his coronavirus prophecies, has different ideas. He writes:

“Fire tunnels” are a relatively new phenomenon, being the brainchild of pentacostal/ charismatic leaders within the last few decades. Anointed Car Fire Tunnels are definitely a new phenomena, with the tweet yesterday by Chuck Pierce likely being the first time those words were ever strung together in a sentence. But as far as what a fire tunnel is, we found a good description here:

“The basic idea is that people form two lines (i.e. a “tunnel”) through which others walk to receive laying on of hands, prayer, prophecy, and “impartation of the spirit”.  There are often physical manifestations noted in the participants going through the tunnels.  Manifestations include appearing drunk, hysterical laughing, falling down, and twitching.”

Here is a video of one in action, so you can get the gist. From Bethel Church.

We can’t even imagine what this anointed car fire tunnel would do to the vehicles paint job. We advise you to take before-and-after pictures before you attend in case you need to make an insurance claim.