When Churches Shut Down But Planned Parenthood Stays Open…

State and local governments around the country are asking churches to close their doors for “public health.” Religious darlings in the hip-pocket of statists tell us it’s our Christian duty to comply. This is how, they tell us, we are supposed to “love our neighbor.” It’s one thing for the government to warn us that churches don’t provide “essential services.” It’s another thing for churches to eagerly agree with them.

Even though many state, county, and municipal governments are demanding churches cancel services because of the coronavirus outbreak, not a single government anywhere in the United States has ordered abortion clinics to close. Planned Parenthood is still open in every one of their locations, and any staff shortage they have is because of self-quarantines and not because of government edicts.

And yet, the government has very good reason to shut the doors of abortion clinics. They provide a non-essential service and are utilizing (and in some cases, stockpiling) needed medical resources like gloves, masks, gowns, and sanitation products that would be better used by hospitals and clinics treating the coronavirus. Abortion clinics do not test or treat coronavirus, and thus have zero impact in mitigating the damage done by the virus. In short, it’s using supplies needed most by clinics and hospitals that are actually treating victims of coronavirus.

One thing seems clear; Planned Parenthood believes the services they provide are needed by the public. To them, abortion is an “essential service.” They would not close even if the government ordered it. Abortionists are the most tenacious, focused, dedicated people on the planet.

Wouldn’t it be nice if churches believed in their services as much as Planned Parenthood believes in their services? Wouldn’t it be nice if churches were as tenacious as abortionists?

As churches around the country are closed on Sunday, abortion clinics will be preparing to re-open on Monday. Only one of these organizations truly believe in the importance of the work they do, and it’s not the church.

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