No, Trump’s ‘Pastor’ Did Not Ask for Seed-Faith Money to Stop Coronavirus

The Huffington Post, Mother Jones, and other fake news outlets are reporting that Paula White is asking for seed-faith money to stop sickness. Charismatic prosperity hustlers like White teach that if someone gives money to their ministry (“sowing a seed of faith”) then they’ll receive some kind of tangible benefit from God. And Paul White, who also happens to be Benny Hinn’s former mistress, is out pimping for what she calls a “hospital to heal sickness.”

As despicable as seed-faith teaching is, Paula White did not, in fact, claim to be able to heal the coronavirus for money.

White went on to clarify that she meant spiritual sicknesses (good save).

White said, “We are a hospital to the sick” in her attempt to fleece her gullible Internet flock.

Probably realizing the potential fall-out in a pandemic, White said, “Not necessarily the physically sick” before adding, “We are a hospital for those who are soul-sick, those who are spiritually sick.

Although White caught herself and clarified that she did not mean physical sickness (this time), the truth is that Paula White has claimed many times to be able to heal diseases. And so far, no charismatic prophet has healed a person of coronavirus yet.

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