‘Jessica’ Yaniv Pleads Guilty To Weapons Charges, Could Receive 6 Months in Jail

Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, know widely for his efforts to force minority women in small beauty parlors to wax his genitals and then sue them when they refuse, has pleaded guilty in a BC courthouse of one charge of possessing a prohibited weapon.

The charge stems from an August 2019 incident when during a heated online debate with YouTube personality Blaire White, Jonathan brandished a taser and waved it in view of the camera, resulting in him being reported to the RCMP.

In Canada, it is illegal to own a taser under section 85 of the criminal code and first-time offenses are punishable up to 6 months in prison, a 5000$ fine, or both. Pleading guilty means that Yaniv finally has a criminal record. 

This is not Jonathans’ first run-in with the law. We wrote about this previously when Yaniv was arrested and charged with assault against Canadian reporter Keean Bexte, a case that is still working its way through the system. 

On top of the charges, a pre-sentencing report was also ordered by Judge Jay Solomon and is to include a psychological report. (a pre-sentencing report is a report commissioned by a probation officer where they interview the offender and delve into their life history in order to give the judge some background for his or her sentencing.)

Given that Jonathan is internationally infamous for a slew of creepy behavior, including seeking to host topless teen pool parties and having a fascination with 12-year-old girls menstruating, we don’t see that psychological report reflecting well on him.

 Jonathan is set to be sentenced on June 1 of 2020.