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Educate Your Kids At Home with This Awesome ‘Christendom’ Homeschool Curriculum

News Division

Pulpit & Pen is working with the publishers of Christendom Curriculum to make sure your kids stay educated during this ‘Coronavirus Season.’ Who knows, if you haven’t done homeschool before you might just love it! The best part of this curriculum is that not only does it teach a full-body of education for each grade from a Christian perspective, but it’s designed to instill in your kids the value of Western Civilization and to combat the notions of ‘Social Justice’ that’s so prominent in the public school system.

Tired of being told you and your children are the cause of all of America’s problems?

Tired of paying top dollar for homeschool curricula only to have to filter out a lot of anti-American, politically correct nonsense?

You need a homeschool curriculum that can help you educate children who love their country—and who are equipped to defend her.

Replace—or supplement—your homeschool curriculum with the one-of-a-kind Christendom Curriculum, for only $187/year!

A Complete K–12 Home Education

The heart of all education—the beginning of wisdom—is the fear of the Lord. Thus Bible study and worship are central to The Christendom Curriculum. We’ve even created a unique Chronological Bible that allows your children to read through the Scriptures in the order the events took place—and to read the books of the Bible in the order in which the people of God would have received them in history.

Within that Christian and Biblical context, your children will be thoroughly equipped in the basic academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

They will read far more books than their government-educated peers.

They will get far more practice with their writing skills.

And they will learn culture-warfare skills that are taught in no other curriculum.

Save Hundreds of Hours of Time

Lack of time is considered a major homeschool entry barrier for many families—How will I find the time? Even those who have been homeschooling for years often feel they are never fully caught up because of constant demands on their time, unexpected events or emergencies, and the everyday hustle and bustle of family life.

But the self-taught model used in The Christendom Curriculum has been used for many years in similar curriculum programs to give children the very best education, regardless of whether the parent has enough time in their day, or not.

Younger children do require more direct parental involvement, but as your child grows in knowledge and academic skills, your time requirement decreases. Eventually, your parental homeschool responsibilities are reduced to only (1) Daily Chapel; (2) Daily Review Meeting for Q&A and Wisdom of the Fathers sessions*; and (3) Weekly Review of Written Essays.

No lesson plans to work through, no tests to grade, no homework to supervise. Evaluation is built into the curriculum—you’ll know how your children are progressing by how well they are doing with their weekly essays.

* A designated time for fathers and mothers to talk with their children, speaking to them of their deeply held beliefs, values, loves, and loyalties—a daily time for “passing the torch” of your faith and vision to the next generation.

A Self-Taught Curriculum

The truly educated man or woman is not one who has merely absorbed—and probably forgotten—massive amounts of information.

The educated are those who have learned how to learn.

They know how to think, how to research, how to read and converse and sort through the available data, how to formulate and evaluate arguments, how to reach conclusions.

This means it is important for your children to grow in their ability to teach themselves.

In this way, they will acquire a large, exceptional, and ever-growing body of knowledge that will set them apart from their public-school-educated peers—and they will know how to use it.

The Christendom Curriculum provides a homeschool education using a proven, self-taught model, rooted in the timeless academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Everything in One Place

With your Christendom Curriculum membership, you’ll get everything you need for a successful homeschool experience:

* Hundreds of books and essays in digital form: printable, or viewable on computers, tablets, or phones.

* Key educational and research resources: 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica (29 vols.), 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, Cambridge Medieval History (8 vols.), Ussher’s Annals of the World, et al.

* The Christendom Curriculum Parent’s Manual, a detailed, 100-page PDF book to help you and your children make the most of the adventure of homeschooling.

* Complete Guide PDFs for every Year with specific instructions on the books and subjects covered.

* Battle Papers: our unique series of dozens of Worldview Essays to guide your students’ reading.

* The Christendom Curriculum Daily Schedule, a 180-day, 36-week schedule spreadsheet to use as a daily checklist, and as a record of your child’s academic progress and accomplishment through the years.

* Unique, K–12 focus on Christendom, and the story of God’s gracious work in European and American civilization.

* Integrated study of Bible, History, Literature, Art, Music, and Science in our original structure of The Four Ages of Christendom: Christendom Rising (Ancient World), Christendom Triumphant (Medieval World), Christendom Besieged (Modern World), and Christendom Reborn (Future World).

* Culture War for Kids, a unique series of essays preparing kids for the challenges of our civilization, but in an age-appropriate way.

* No boring (and probably inaccurate) textbooks: read original sources, histories, literature, legends, and letters instead.

* Our own Study Helps series of essays, including “How to Read Books for Learning: A Simple Approach” among many others.

* The Jordan Chronological Bible, available nowhere else.

* Phonics, Math, Spelling, Grammar, and Geography instruction.

* Intensive Practical Experience in Developing Writing Skills. Weekly essay requirements for Bible, History, and Literature.

* Hundreds of Copy Work pages derived from the Bible and great works of history and literature. Develop language and writing skills from an early age.

* Students will go through every one of Shakespeare’s plays.

* Readings in Biblical Theology, Western History and Literature, Law, Ethics, and Culture War Tactics and Strategy.

* Readings in Logic, Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Western Philosophy.

* Readings in practical Business Skills: How to Start an Online Business; How to Manage Your Finances; How to Create a YouTube Channel, etc.

* Practical Culture War Skills: How to Survive an SJW Attack; How to Engage in Social Media Debate; How to Work for Reform in the Local Church; Christendom Goals for Local Politics.

* The best curriculum for passing on your worldview and faith to your children, through daily Wisdom of the Fathers sessions, a designated time for parents to speak to their children, answering questions and ensuring that the legacy of their deepest convictions is passed on to the next generation.

* Can be used as a full K-12 curriculum or to supplement your current curriculum with pro-Western, pro-American, anti-political correctness materials.

* The Cost: The Christendom Curriculum provides 14+ years of books and materials for your children’s education (Pre-K through High School). With a price of only #187/year for the entire program, that comes to about fifty-five cents per day, for your whole family, for all years.

Once purchased, a download and membership link will be sent to you for immediate access. Click here to purchase.