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Coincidence? Coronavirus Outbreak Map Mirrors Refugee Resettlements and Sanctuary Cities

There’s lots of dust that will have to settle in the following months regarding the spread of coronavirus. A post-mortem on what’s left of America’s economy and the integrity of our infrastructure will need to be carefully conducted. Right now, our leaders must be focused on mitigating damage due to the spreading virus and employing all legal means necessary to deal with the fallout. The country’s state is critical as hospitals are projected to be filled way beyond capacity and our medical system will soon be buckling under the pressure. But in the midst of this crisis, it should not go unnoticed that a coronavirus outbreak map mirrors almost precisely a map of refugee resettlements in the United States.

And sooner or later, we need to ask why.

As America’s evangelicals have pushed for refugee resettlement in the name of Jesus without showing a single ounce of regard for considerations relating to national security, it seems that health security has also been gravely overlooked. And political conservatives should notice that those who advocate the strongest for forced vaccination also advocate for open immigration and refugee resettlements among people are nearly 100% unvaccinated for common ailments.

But is it possible that refugee resettlements, in particular, are correlated with coronavirus outbreaks? And if they are correlated, is it possible that they’re causal as well?

Here is a map of the coronavirus outbreaks in the United States from the Centers for Systemic Science and Engineering from Johns Hopkins Medical Center…

And here is a similar map of coronavirus outbreaks also from Johns Hopkins…

Please notice that the top states for coronavirus include states like California, Washington, New York, Texas, and Ohio.

But here’s a map of refugee resettlements in the United States from Research Gate

Do you notice something peculiar? These are also the top states for coronavirus.

Please note that the states with the lowest refugee resettlements include Montana, Idaho, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Wyoming.

Additionally, here is a map of sanctuary cities in the United States from Fox News

Rather than a conspiracy-laden accusation of intentional contamination on the part of refugees and illegal aliens, a more likely explanation would be the difficulty to maintain health standards to stop the spread of a global pandemic in communities full of individuals, who have recently come from virus-impacted areas, and among illegal aliens, who likely do not follow American standards of disease prevention.