Grace Community Church Canceling Services, But John MacArthur Will Still Preach to the Pews

I was once at a Shepherd’s Conference (circa 2016 I think) when John MacArthur was preaching on being a light in the world and continuing to preach no matter what. Almost on cue, the electricity and lights went out in the facility, and indeed, the whole neighborhood. For some odd reason, MacArthur’s pulpit light stayed lit, and the rumor was some forward-thinking churchman thought to give the pulpit a battery-backup for just such an occasion. Without missing a beat (literally without a pause), MacArthur kept on preaching. It will always be my favorite memory of him.

Fast-forward to today, and the commie governor of California decreed that gatherings of more than a few hundred people be canceled (it seems reasonable, but I’m looking for reason #453,531 to dislike Gavin Newsom). Grace Community Church notified its members that church was going to be closed for a while.

Grace Community Church elder, Hohn Cho, told the congregation, “Earlier today, California Governor Gavin Newsom upgraded his recommendation to cancel gatherings of 250+ people to a full mandate. The GCC elders discussed this tonight, and we will be complying in submission to the governing authorities per Romans 13:1-7 and 1 Pet. 2:13-17.”

There’s a higher governing authority when it comes to the Fourth Commandment, but I know that Grace Community Church knows that, even if they balk at the Fourth Commandment part. Again, it seems reasonable.

The part that I find endearing is that John MacArthur, who’s old enough that if his age were in dog years he would be roughly the age of Noah’s middle son, is a prime candidate to take a coronavirus dirt-nap. Like…does anybody think…maybe the octogenarian should stay home during the worst pandemic (at least in terms of panic) in the last 100 years in the United States?

No. That is not how our elder brother operates.

John MacArthur is basically saying, “It’s risky for all you young’ns to get out. You stay home. But I’m going to church to preach.”


True, MacArthur will be preaching to empty pews on Sunday, but it’s basically a metaphor. He’s going to preach, even if it’s to pews. That’s because he’s a preacher. His words will still go out to many thousands over the Internet. And he’s one of only a handful of preachers alive for whom that will be true even when they’re dead.

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