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Woman Busted for Selling Abortion Drugs Online Says She Was Doing “God’s Work”

Ursula (appropriate name) Wing of New York has pleaded guilty to conspiracy for selling abortion drugs to the mail to murderous moms who are too lazy or stupid to get the drugs at the pharmacy.

After she killed her own child by poisoning them in the womb, Ursula thought there might be room on the black market for the product, which would probably be sold primarily to underaged girls who don’t want to go to the doctor or be seen getting the drugs over-the-counter.

It turns out, she was right. From 2016 onward, Ursula began ordering the drugs from India and reselling them through her jewelry site, which served as a cover.

As Mother Jones reports, Ursula said she was doing “God’s work.”

“For two years, before she headed off to her full-time job as a web developer, or after she put her daughter to bed at night, Ursula Wing ran a business selling abortion pills from the bedroom of her New York City apartment.”

She told another woman she was doing ‘God’s work.’”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Dan Graber claimed in court on Thursday that Wing lied on customs forms, claiming the pills were for herself, before turning around and selling them for $85 on her jewelry site. Apparently that’s teh price of a human life in New York.

She sold the pills to two-thousand clients before she was caught.

Wing mailed the abortion pills to more than 2,000 customers, making 170k per year…or about half the salary of a Planned Parenthood ‘doctor.’