Preachers Who Gave Kids “Spiritual Baths” Rewarded with Decades of Prison Showers

It won’t go so well for Michael Oluronbi (60) and his wife Juliana who abused six girls and a boy by giving enticing them to get naked and take a “spiritual bath” to wash off their evil. Having molested the kids, they’re both going to the slammer.

In addition to the molestation, Juliana Oluronb also committed murder (by God’s standards) by arranging abortions for four of those girls who became pregnant from Michael Oluronbi’s constant sexual abuse.

The preachers claimed the baths would “cleanse their souls and protect them from the devil.”

It turns out, the devil was who was giving them baths.

The prosecuting attorney, Philip Bradley, told the courts that his purpose “was to serve his sexual gratification”.

The police nabbed Oluronbi at the airport, attempting to head back to Nigeria. He later told police “the devil made me do it.”

Judge Sarah Buckingham told him in court, “You did this because you are an arrogant, selfish and vain man.

Michael Oluronbi has been sentenced to 34 years of prison showers and his wife has been sentenced to 11, according to the BBC.

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