Catholics Claim Holy Water Heals, But They’re Removing ‘Fonts’ Because of Coronavirus

“Holy Water” can ordinarily be found at the entrance into Roman Catholic cathedrals, and it is believed by Romanists that the water – blessed by priests – can ward off both sickness and evil. But apparently the superstitious liquid can’t cure coronavirus, because churches are draining holy water fonts out of concerns the virus may spread through contact with the water.

The Roman Catholic church makes water “holy” by the following priestly incantation

…The power of Thy blessing, Serve it; the creation of Thy mysteries, serving as an agent of divine grace; is sprinkled with this water in their houses or in the buildings of the faithful, that whatever might be free from all uncleanness, he is freed from every harm. It is not no pestilent spirit, no taint of corruption.”

However, the Huffington Post reports churches are afraid their water that heals from “pestilent spirits” might have a contagious sickness.


HuffPo says, “The emptying of the fonts, which Catholics use to bless themselves as they enter church, is just one of various measures that bishops in Miami, Seattle, Chicago and many other cities are putting in place to combat the spread of the respiratory disease officially known as COVID-19, which is caused by coronavirus.”

They continue, “Some bishops are also banning the distribution of consecrated wine through a common cup. Many are also reminding priests and deacons that they can make modifications to how the the [sic] host — or sacramental bread — is offered to congregants.”

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