As the U.S. Forsakes God, Russians to Honor Him in their Constitution

In August of last year, the Democratic Party officially voted to become the party of the ‘irreligious.’ This is following their shouting-down and booing of God’s mention at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. In an odd juxtaposition, Vladimir Putin of Russia is proposing amendments to the Russian constitution that explicitly give honor to God and support heterosexual marriage (as though there was another kind).

Putin in January began his proposals for constitutional changes, the first changes since 1993. Then in February, the Russian parliament’s lower house approved his reform bill.

Putin has now submitted 24 pages of amendments according to State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin who said, “The president’s amendments are the result of his dialogue with representatives of all factions (and) civil society.”

The amendments mention the Russians’ “faith in God” and reaffirm that marriage is a heterosexual union.

Long ago seems the day that Russia, the nucleus of the former Soviet Union, implemented State Atheism (from the 1930s to the collapse of the Soviet empire). Now, more than 80% of Russians are members of some kind of Christ-professing church. Albeit, most belong to the Orthodox faith, which denies the essential Christian doctrine of propitiation.

Russia’s recommitment to theism does not appear to have yet softened their tendency to support Marxist policies that violate the 8th Commandment or dampen their desire for a regional empire, which often times, has come through violence.

Nonetheless, Russia’s commitment to God and traditional marriage, however sincere or insincere, is a welcome sight on the world stage as at least one half of the American political system seems intent on kicking God off his throne.

As God showed with the Soviet Empire, it won’t work.

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