Pope Says Capitalism Crucifies Christ in Lenten Message

Environmentalism is a religion, with the Earth itself serving as Lord and Savior of mankind. Pope Francis appears to be all-in on the cult of Earth-worship, claiming that when people harm the Earth they’re actually placing wounds on Jesus. He also claimed that Christ is crucified by an improper distribution of wealth.

While avoiding topics like the forgiveness of sins or Jesus shedding blood for our atonement, Pope Francis used his remarks on Lent to claim that environmental damage is the cause of Jesus’ wounds suffered in his ‘passion’ on the cross.

The Pope said toward the end of his remarks…

Putting the paschal mystery at the centre of our lives means feeling compassion towards the wounds of the crucified Christ present…in environmental disasters, the unequal distribution of the earth’s goods, human trafficking in all its forms, and the unbridled thirst for profit, which is a form of idolatry.

The Pope, who is often accused of being a Marxist, appears to no longer be hiding it.

The Scripture does not teach that justice requires an equal distribution of Earthly goods. And that’s a good thing for the Roman Catholic Church, because their net worth is so outrageous it’s impossible to calculate.