Preacher Says Replacing KFC with Starbucks is Proof of the End Times

Whatever you do, don’t take away a Baptist preacher’s KFC.

A viral video first posted on Twitter by @IFBPreacherClips shows a pastor preaching about the “Great Apostasy,” a sign of the eschatological end times.

To make his point that we’re living in the last days, the preacher gives an example that their town had a “Kentucky Fried Chicken, bless God” and it “burdened him” when they took away their honey barbeque wings. He then lists the replacement flavors that he says are “delicious.”

Then, the preacher says, they replaced the KFC with “that filthy Jezebel fish goddess, the mermaid of Starbucks.”

He then says, “This is proof of the Great Falling Away. But I’m not deterred.”

We kid you not. Watch below.