Kyle J. Howard Says Super Bowl Performers Acted Whorishly Because They’re Latina

Kyle J. Howard, a privileged professional student who was raised in a high-income white home in an affluent suburb has become an outspoken commentator thanks to high-profile supporters like Beth Moore and Russell Moore. Howard, who lied about being in a secret gang in high school, calls himself a “racial trauma counselor” despite there being no record he has such employment.

The supposed “racial trauma counselor” and victimology monger thrust more racial trauma upon marginalized people groups this morning when he blamed Jennifer Lopez’s and Shakira’s whorish crotch-grabbing, pelvic-thrusting, behind-grabbing sluttery on their ethnicity.

Painting an entire ethnic group as incapable of being dignified and wholesome, Howard expressed his bigotry on Twitter.

The half-time performance has been resoundingly rejected as lascivious and immoral and grossly inappropriate for the audience by almost any conscience-conscious person in the nation.

However, Howard claims that partial nudity and pelvic-thrusting the air is a part of Latina culture and Hispanic women can’t help but act that way.

Howard then claimed that it was male observers who “hyper-sexualized” the otherwise innocent genital-grinding performance.

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