20 Trampled to Death When Charismatic Preacher Promised His Oil Could Do Miracles

In a sad and shocking tale, twenty people have been trampled to death in a human stampede and a dozen more have been injured after a charismatic preacher promised his ‘anointing oil’ could do miracle. The crowd rushed forward to be healed of their ailments, crushing and killing the weaker members of the crowd.

Boniface Mwamposa, of Arise and Shine Ministries in Tanzania, fled via airplane to Dar es Salaam after the incident.

With 20 dead and 12 injured, its apparent the oil was not in fact capable of doing supernatural healing work.

Mwamposa is being charged criminally by Tanzania for not abiding by the guidelines set forth in his meeting permit.

As the New York Times reports, “There has been a rise in the number of pastors who claim they can perform “miracle cures” and eradicate poverty in Africa in recent years. Preachers who spread what they call the “prosperity gospel” have been involved in financial scams and money laundering schemes, as well as other stampedes.

“Last year, three people were killed in a stampede at a church in Pretoria, South Africa, during a service led by Shepherd Bushiri, Africa’s wealthiest preacher. He was charged with money laundering and fraud after accusations that he had smuggled cases of money out of South Africa on his private jet in February 2019.“