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A Message to Dumb Southern Baptists Who Detest Hillary Clinton

A few years ago, I was at waffle house with my parents and wayward brother. My brother asked my mother why she wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Almost without having to think my mother blurted out:

“Hillary Clinton is evil.”

I think my mom’s attitude about the former First Lady, former Senator from New York, former Secretary of State, and former Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States of America is fairly common among Southern Baptists. Clinton supports, not just as a citizen but a politician, vile practices such as abortion and homosexuality. Southern Baptists like my mom may seem dumb to bible-denying liberal intellectual elites for considering Clinton evil and voting for a boorish man like Donald Trump in favor of her, but they aren’t. They are right to believe she is evil. Hillary Clinton is a wicked woman. So, then, what is my message to the “Dumb Southern Baptists Who Detest Hillary Clinton”.

You guys aren’t dumb for detesting Hillary Clinton, you guys are dumb for supporting Russell Moore. Russell Moore, a former democratic congressional staffer, is the President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Commission. The tithes and offerings you give at your churches to go pay the salary of Russell Moore. In 2009, Russell Moore wrote this about his marital aspirations as a young man:

I had illusions that I was going to be governor of Mississippi one day, and I needed a wife who had the “fire in the belly” to speak on the campaign stump, pressure donors into giving more, and attack back at political opponents. I needed a partner who was a Mississippi version of (at least the 1990s version of) Hillary Rodham Clinton, I guess I was thinking.

You Southern Baptists who detest Hillary Clinton support the six-figure salary of a profession Southern Baptist lobbyist who wanted to marry a woman just like her. In Moore’s defense, the “1990s” version of Hillary Clinton hadn’t yet flip-flopped on homosexuality. In Moore’s defense, he didn’t say he wanted a woman with Hillary Clinton’s moral and political views, he just wanted a woman who acted like her. So, that is Moore’s defense. It’s not a very good one is it?

How long are you going to keep paying your tithes to support a a man who wanted a wife like Hillary Clinton? Are you going to keep doing it because your pastor insists that your church just has to pay into the Cooperative Program? Well, Hillary Clinton like taxes you just have to pay, too, doesn’t she? Stop being dumb. Stop supporting Russell Moore and his enablers in the Southern Baptist Convention. Just like Hillary Clinton wants to take your tax money and wreck your country with it, Russell Moore and others like him are taking your tithe money and wrecking your denomination with it.

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Seth Dunn

Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Member of the Evangelical Theological Society Certified Public Accountant