How Many Closeted Homosexuals Are Influencing the SBC?

It’s well known that Jonathan Merritt is a homosexual and is a major influence among Southern Baptists like Russell Moore. The question Pulpit & Pen is now investigating is how many closeted homosexuals are influencing the Southern Baptist Convention?

Oh sure, it’s difficult to tell these days, what with metrosexuals largely ruling the SBC roost in their skinny jeans and lattes. But some are actually as gay as their pants would suggest.

Sure, the Evangelical Intelligentsia is surrounded by lesbians like Rebecca McLaughlin, Jackie Hill Perry, and Rachel Gilson. And, they have their male homosexual mascots like Sam Allberry, as well.

But how many homosexuals are embedded deep within the Southern Baptist deep state among its leftist institutions like Lifeway and the ERLC? There’s more than a few.

As Jonathan Merritt prepares to come out of the closet (finally) in his newest book, we ask how many more homosexuals are influencing the SBC. If you have information about homosexuals in Southern Baptist entities, please contact us at [email protected].