Kenneth Copeland Says Oral Roberts Got Design of ORU Campus From God Himself

Kenneth Copeland recently claimed that Oral Roberts received the design of the Oral Robert University campus straight from God, who inspired them like he did the Temple in the Old Testament. He also claimed that Oral Roberts received the designs by speaking in tongues and then repeating it back to himself with interpretation.

We kid you not.

The gift of “tongues,” or γλῶσσα, in the New Testament were known languages (Acts 2:4). Modern charismatics practice an occultic type of ecstatic utterance also known as nonsense gibberish.

The practice of “interpreting tongues (languages)” requires someone else to interpret the language (1 Corinthians 14:27). This simple measure prevents a fraudulent carnival barker from talking nonsense and then “interpreting” the hoodwinking message, thus fooling the people.

However, in the clip below, Copeland says that Oral Roberts received the design of Oral Roberts University by the Holy Spirit like God inspired the temple (Ezekiel 43:11). Impressive, right?

Even more impressive, Roberts got the design from God, says Copeland, by interpreting his own tongues.

Watch below.

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