Ugly Lady Gives Birth, News Outlets Pretend She’s a Man

With the sensational headline, Transgender Man Gives Birth to Non-Binary Partner’s Baby with Female Sperm Donor, the UK Mirror acted as though something novel happened. In reality, the story is that a woman with self-induced hormonal problems gave birth as a surrogate to a baby conceived by her lesbian lover and male sperm donor.

Is it news?

“Proud dad Reuben Sharpe today tells how HE gave birth to a miracle baby in Britain’s most modern family,” the Mirror writes. “The 39-year-old transitioned to a man 12 years ago. But he still had maternal instincts and six years ago stopped taking testosterone in the hope of one day having a child.”

The Mirror continues, “And that dream came true when he and partner Jay had a bouncing baby. Jay is non-binary – so does not identify as male or female. The sperm donor was a trans woman… and even the DOCTOR was transgender.”

This lady looks like a dude. But she’s still a lady.

Of course, men don’t have wombs and women don’t have sperm. In fact, the reality that the woman has a womb should clarify she is, in fact a woman. And the fact the man has sperm should, in fact, clarify he’s a man.

What happened to sex education in the public school system? Has it failed us that poorly?

If a woman has a beard, but still has an womb, ovaries, and not least of all, XX chromosomes, that’s a woman.

An ugly woman giving birth is not news. It literally happens all the time. The Mirror’s reporting is fake news.

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