Sid Roth Claims A Kid Flew Around During Revival Meeting

Sid Roth hosts It’s Supernatural. When he’s not there to tell fanciful stories of charismatic poppycock, Dr. Michael Brown takes his place as a guest host. Roth has told some pretty tall tales, but the one from December 20 might just take the cake.

According to Roth and his guest, Andre Ashby, a kid, flew around in the air at a revival meeting. A child had prayed to God, “If you are real, have somebody fly to me.” Then, a young man took to the air and flew directly to him.

Apparently this wasn’t worthy of making any local papers.

Start watching this video at about the 3.40 mark.

Roth claimed after the account that he has read “many books about the early believers” and claims that “many saints” could fly in the first few centuries.

He went on to claim that Elijah, Enoch, and Jesus all “flew.” Ostensibly, he was speaking of Elijah being taken up by a whirlwind or fiery chariot and Jesus ascending into Heaven. In terms of Enoch, there’s no indication he got off the ground except in the pseudepigraphal Book of Enoch, which is not considered Scripture because it’s a counterfeit and fabricated tale.

He’s not on dope. He’s on charismaticism. It’s about the same difference.