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Vatican Demands Church Rehire Openly Gay Priest

[ LifeSiteNews ] The Congregation for the Clergy, the body of the Roman Curia responsible for overseeing matters regarding priests not in a religious order, has asked the bishops of Haarlem-Amsterdam to retract two decrees by which they suspended and then fired a parish priest after he publicly proclaimed his homosexuality and dissolute lifestyle.

This took place at the end of “Gaudete” Sunday Mass in April on the 25th anniversary of Pierre Valkering’s ordination. The long-haired priest, wearing pink vestments proper to the fourth Sunday in Lent, told his story and presented his shocking new book, Undressed, not naked, to assembled parishioners and friends who came to celebrate his Jubilee.

The priest was sanctioned because he had not remained faithful to his promise of “celibacy” while having multiple homosexual relationships. Valkering, by his own account, disregarded the requirements of chastity and continence for a Catholic priest and for several years was visibly militant in pushing for a change of attitude by the Church toward homosexuality. 

Bishop Jozef Punt of Haarlem-Amsterdam complained that the diocese had been “publicly pushed into a corner” while trying to help Valkering explore the situation and “to reflect and to get help” in observing sexual continence. Several statements were made insisting that Valkering was not being suspended or fired because of his “sexual orientation.”

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