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Students Fed-Up With LGBT Flags at School Hand Out Confederate Flag in Protest

Students in West Plains, Missouri, were sick and tired of LGBT propaganda being shoved down their throat at school, where LGBT rainbow flags were handed out in the cafeteria. The next day, other students hoisted the Confederate flag.

Cue the outrage.

As press outlets are reporting, the student who handed out the LGBT pride flags was upset that other students could display their flag of choice.

Talking to KY3, the Springfield Missouri network affiliate, the student said, “I was kind of mad because you can have your flag and that’s fine but it’s like they were using it as retaliation.”

Another student said, “It’s like they were mocking us, but not only was it that they were mocking us, they also brought in a completely different subject because people were offended by the type of flag they had.”

Right. Because a flag that represents sodomy isn’t offensive, apparently.


Predictably, the high school allowed the LGBT flags to be handed out but immediately confiscated the Confederate flag. In a statement, the school said…

The West Plains School District has been made aware of recent displaying of flags on the high school campus during school hours. While we are unable to comment specifically on an ongoing investigation, all board policies will be followed. The West Plains School District is committed to addressing the concerns being raised by our students, parents, and community.”