Beautiful Moment: Instead of Giving Ticket, Officer Prays with Bereaving Man

After a young man’s brother died, he and his wife were heading to deal with the matter when they were pulled over by the Texas State Patrol. Upon asking why they were speeding, the patrolman found out about the death. Instead of issuing a ticket, he took off his hat, grabbed their hands, and prayed with them.

Pardon me. I have something in my eye.

The woman, whose hand is grasped in the officer’s hand as well, posted it about it on her Facebook page.

The officer might have been a little presumptuous to declare the man in Heaven (did he know him?) but let’s not get caught up on the details. Let skepticism fade for just a moment and be caught up in the beauty of it all.

The bereaving woman points out that this is a wonderful thing, considering racial tensions and tensions between Citizens and the police (we would not have brought up the race aspect if the woman herself did not).

Now, watch liberals get mad about the author over-stepping his rights and the separation of church and state in 3…2…