Meth Lab Found in Church Nursery

The Buxton United Methodist Church had a meth-lab built in the children’s playroom. Someone in the church noticed a smell coming from a playroom closet and called police. The meth-lab was set up in the church’s closet.

Matthew Anderson, who doesn’t look like a meth-addict at all

The man in custody is Matthew Anderson (33) and is the alleged suspect in the crime.

Anderson is currently in jail on cash bail of $7,500. He made his initial court appearance on Friday, a day after his arrest. The church facility has a sign that says, “Due to recent criminal behavior on our property, services are temporarily canceled.”

The church building must be thoroughly cleaned by Hazmat-trained professionals before it can host public service again.

Building a meth lab in the United Methodist Church nursery is a deplorable action. It is, however, only slightly less offensive than what ordinarily happens there are a weekly basis during ‘worship.’

It is unknown if this incident will change the UMC’s “Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors” policy.