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Pervert Roman Catholic Priest Celebrating ‘Gay’ Behavior in Animals

A morally perverted Roman Catholic priest in the United States lauded homosexual animals as a part of his LGBT-normalizing campaign. For the sake of moral clarity, humans shouldn’t turn to animals as our ethical exemplars. They also occasionally eat their young and murder their mating partners.

The Roman Catholic version of ‘Revoice‘ and their own pro-LGBT movement is led by a powerful Jesuit priest named James Martin. Martin, one of the most influential Romanist priests in the United States, is a major ‘Catholic’ celebrity and editor-at-large for Jesuit America Magazine. He’s also in the middle of a hard-left turn in American Romanism that is correspondent to the leftward turn of American evangelicalism.

Jesuits, the order founded by Ignatius Loyola, have been aggressively trying to take over the Romanist church since their inception. Most powerful in the New World, the order established the first pope from their sinister order, Francis, who has been trying to separate the church from its more historic positions and doctrines.

One wonders how animals evolved if they don’t know where to implant their DNA. One must suppose there are weirdos in every species. But to James Martin, it’s evidence of the normalcy of homosexuality.

One Romanist organization had a good response:

As believers, we would recognize a certain similarity between homosexuals and animals. This is why all people must be given a new nature in Christ that conforms to God and more fully fulfills our destiny as the Imago Dei.