British Lesbians Risk Fetus’ Life to Engineer World’s First Two Womb Baby

Left to right: Otis Francis-Smith, Donna, and Jasmine

Two self-indulgent British lesbians have used science to laugh in the face of God. In a new “shared motherhood” procedure provided by the London Women’s Clinic, Jasmine Francis-Smith gave birth to a boy, Otis.

The boy was conceived by IVF from an egg donated by Jasmine’s lesbian partner, Donna Francis-Smith. In a medical first, the male-fertilized egg was implanted back into the donor, Donna, to be incubated for 18 hours before being extracted and re-implanted in the body of her partner. It was Jasmine Francis-Smith who carried and gave birth to Otis.

Otis Francis-Smith

Over 100 lesbian couples have given birth via IFV procedures. But Otis Francis-Smith represents a medical milestone. Thank the Lord he survived the procedure. He will now have many more challenges to face, given his mother’s rebellion against God and his lack of a father.

Scripture speaks of Otis’ mother and her partner:

Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature” (Romans 1:25-26).

We are all like Otis Francis-Smith.

Otis Francis-Smith is not the only child born from parents in rebellion. None of us chose the sins of our parents, nor the sins of our first parents, Adam and Eve.

“For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead (1 Cor. 15:21).

In Adam, all die, Scripture teaches. But that is not the end.

For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive” (1 Cor. 15:22).

We pray that Otis Francis-Smith and his household will hear the gospel and that the Holy Spirit will bring salvation to this house. We pray that one day Otis Francis-Smith will say, with all of God’s children, “I, too, am a child of Abraham, a child of the promise, saved by God’s grace, through my faith in Jesus Christ.”