Texas School Approves ‘Pedophile Curriculum’ for Grade School Students

Pro-LGBTQ protestors met outside the schoolhouse to drown out anti-LGBTQ protestors, and they were fairly successful at doing so. Like the Sodomites who kicked down Lot’s door, these angry homosexuals wanted their way and won’t take no for an answer. One had a t-shirt that read, “I met God. They’re queer, y’all.”

The anti-LGBTQ protestors, called Stand Up For Children, were shouted down by cross-dressing men who interrupted the meetings repeatedly. The curriculum being voted upon by the school board would teach kids as young as 11 how to put on a condom and how to pick a gender out of list of more than 50 possible designations.

Ultimately, the school board sided unanimously with the angry transgenders and the teachers, who also spoke unanimously for the curriculum. For more, watch the video below.

Previously, the Austin school district was contracting with abortion providers to provide the sex-education for students, but the 2018 Texas Legislative Assembly made it illegal for Texas schools to contract with abortion providers for sex education, so they changed to a pro-LGBTQ organization for their curriculum and staff to teach it.

A drag queen (and convicted prostitute) had earlier been invited by the Austin school to speak to (groom) students. You can read about that here.

The curriculum will teach eleven-year-olds how to put on condoms and shows sexual technique positions with graphic realism.