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Fact: Men More Likely to Support Abortion than Women

A new study from Gallup reveals something startling to many. Women are actually more pro-life than men. Perhaps given a motherly instinct and with natural feminine affection, women largely understand it’s wrong to kill babies. Men, on the other hand, are much more okay with murdering babies.

The poll shows that 51 percent of women consider themselves pro-life, according to the poll, while only 46 percent of men do. An equal percentage, 43 percent of women and 48 percent of men, call themselves pro-choice. 

Women are more pro-life on Gallup’s other abortion-related topics, too:

  • 24 percent of women say abortion should be illegal in all cases, but only 18 percent of men.
  • 24 percent of women and 25 percent of men say it should be legal in all circumstances. 
  • 50 percent of women say abortion should be legal in “certain circumstances” but 51% of men.

It seems that abortion is not really a “women’s issue,” if that means that women are more likely to support the horrific practice. In reality, men – eager to ditch their parental responsibilities and move on to other women without the cares of fatherhood – are more likely to advocate for infanticide than women.