Vatican Priest Caught on Video Worshipping ‘Pachamama’ Fertility Goddess

A new video has been released of a high-ranking Vatican Cardinal walking around a ‘Pachamama’ fertility idol imported from the Amazon, worshipping it. The video leaves no doubt that Pope Francis is importing nativist South American pagan practices into the Roman Catholic Church.

Pulpit & Pen has repeatedly reported on Pope Francis engaging in worship of an Amazonian ‘Pachamama’ fertility goddess and idol. We did so in the post, Pope Francis Worships Topless Earth Goddess with Pagans at Vatican, and Pope Excuses Idol Controversies By Claiming “Paul Built a Bridge” With Pagans.

Watch the video below.

The man is Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi of the Pontifical Council for Culture. The scene is from San Marcos Sierras in Argentina.

You can hear a witch doctor say in the video (in Spanish):

“Here is our spirituality. Here are our symbols, sacred symbols. There are the clay jars. There is the ear of maize. There is the earth. There is the water. Elements that have always accompanied us. That have accompanied us and are the cause of our life. Therefore, with my brothers and sisters, we have begun this encounter. 

“We have asked permission from Mother Earth. We have asked permission from Father Sun, Tata Inti. And, surely, each of my brothers and sisters, while they were walking, were in an interior dialogue with what they believe. Therefore, we have now begun this celebration because we understand the importance and worth of this encounter.”