New Hampshire Town Renames Christmas “Frost Fest” After Only TWO Complaints

A town in New Hampshire, Durham, has scrubbed all public references to “Christmas” after receiving only two complaints from residents. That’s all it took to can the holiday tradition in the Granite State community.

It’s called “tyranny by minority.” It’s when only a few malcontents get their way merely by complaining, and it’s quickly becoming the rule of law in America.

The city is getting rid of the tree-lighting ceremony, removing references to Santa, and is calling the holiday “Frost Fest.”

Town Councilor Sally Tobias said the changes were made after one person “said that he had always had a problem with the Christmas tree” and “There were a couple of people that did express some concerns about how they felt being included.”

So, forget making thousands of kids happy this Christmas to see Santa on the firetruck during the citywide parade. Christmas is canceled for “Frost Fest.”

They’re literally celebrating “frost” now. How they plan to celebrate frost is unknown. Whether or not they will also celebrate dew, mist, fog, or condensation in future months is also unknown.

Dollars to doughnuts the “holiday formerly known as Christmas” people will still call Christmas, atheists will still feel excluded (no duh, it’s a religious holiday), and complainers will still complain.

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