Teacher Says “Parents Don’t Know What’s Best for Kids” to Defend Classroom Drag Queen Event

While defending ‘drag queens’ in the school classroom, in the face of opposition from parents, one teacher got on Facebook and said, “Parents don’t know what’s best for their children.”

A public school teacher, Anthony Lane, argued that transexual drag queens invited to Willis school district and taught boys how to apply makeup. That alone is a controversy, but here’s what Lane had to say in social media that is infuriating parents:

Let’s go through that quickly:

1. Education is not a customer service industry (teachers don’t work for parents, according to Lane).

2. He put “parental rights” in “scare quotes,” which implies they don’t really exist.

3. He says parents “are given so much authority,” as though it’s not innate to parenthood and is something granted them.

4. He says parents should not have the final say.

5. He says that some parents don’t know what’s best for their kids.

6. He says parents don’t have the right to enter the school for the sake of their religious, political, or moral beliefs.

But apparently, a man entering the school under a false name and false identity to sexually groom minors is totes legit.

The ‘drag queen’s’ fake name is Lynn Adonis-Deveaux and was invited to the school by a cosmology teacher to show students how to apply make-up. This is a weird decision, considering that ‘drag queens’ seem to be the worst at putting on makeup.