Pope to Add ‘Sins Against the Environment’ to Catholic Catechism

In what some are calling “ecological popery,” Francis is now recommending that a new category of sins be added to Roman Catholic teaching. These will be called “ecological sins” and are certain environmentally unfriendly acts against the Earth, which the Pope is increasingly worshiping in his collection of idols.

The Wall Street Journal reported this over the weekend:

Pope Francis, who has made the environment a signature cause of his pontificate, said he was strongly considering adding the category of “ecological sin” to the Catholic Church’s official compendium of teachings.

The Pope said in his Friday homily, “We must introduce—we are thinking—into the Catechism of the Catholic Church the sin against ecology, the ecological sin against the common home, because it’s a duty.

These sins would be any “action or omission against God, against others, the community, and the environment. It is a sin against future generations and is manifested in the acts and habits of pollution and destruction of the harmony of the environment.”

This new category of sins against “Mother Earth” fits well within Francis’ globalist political goals, as central ruling authorities dictate national policies in the name of environmental care.

Additionally, the Romanist cult teaches that only they can forgive sins and they do so by granting indulgences (which, throughout history, has been done by monetary payments to the church). In other words, sins against the environment must ultimately be paid for and forgiveness granted by the Pope’s organization.