Planned Parenthood Invites KIDS to Genital-Themed, Masturbatory Pole-Dancing Event

Planned Parenthood of Washington is hosting an “all ages, all genders” sex workshop featuring “clitoris and pleasure education” and erotic pole dancing. The Planned Parenthood advertisement specifically says that children are invited.

The ad reads…

“The theme for the night is a reclamation of pleasure, and while we emphasize the Clitoris, we understand that not all folks who have marginalized sexualities have a Clitoris or are femme presenting.”

In other words, men who would like to have female anatomy but weren’t given one by God can still come and learn about how to please their non-existent female anatomy.


The Washington event follows on the heels of a Planned Parenthood “all ages” gala in Hawaii which promised to “celebrate our sexuality and enjoy an irreverently playful night of fundraising, fitness, sex talk, and exotic pole dance performances.”

The Washington event ad continues…

“We’ll begin the night with Pilates and Barre class demos followed by a sexy floor work lesson and a presentation on feminine sensual movement; we will then transition into our educational portion with an informational session about the Clitoris, pleasure, and making sex ed mandatory in Washington State; the night will end with a Wicked Sexy Carnival Side Show themed pole dance showcase brought to you be Pole at Play.”